Solo Cups & Ping Pong Balls: Beer Pong vs Beirut

Across colleges, universities and high schools across America the debate whether the great drinking game with Solo cups and ping pong balls is called Beirut or Beer Pong has been raging as long as freshman thought it was cool to wear Animal House ‘COLLEGE’ shirt.

A while ago, our friends at CollegeHumor conducted a poll to see whether there is geographic distribution around the game’s name and it seemed that most of the US had it named Beer Pong while a pocket of the north east, had went with Beirut.

However, here at BustedTees we’re also in unique position to track the changes in the naming patterns as we sell two t-shirts, It’s Called Beer Pong and It’s Called Beirut.  Lifetime, the Beer Pong shirt has the over-all lead, just as the CollegeHumor poll shows, but the interesting fact is that the Beirut shirt is quickly gaining traction in the past few months, which could be explained by a number of possible reasons:

  • A zealous Beirut supporter ordered 403 shirts to skew out metrics
  • You didn’t order a shirt to support your viewpoint
  • Beirut supporters have started a campaign to convince people that “beer pong” is an entirely different game that involve ping pong paddles
  • Beirut players want to make sure that you know they are douches

For those of you who don’t think that this is a serious issue we bring to you,  a story from two days ago from Philadelphia,  “1 dead in beer pong game gone wrong”, although “Investigators said that they don’t know what rule infractions sparked the fight during the drinking game” we suspect it was the Beirut vs Beer Pong issue.


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