BustedTees Partners with CareForKenya.org

Besides putting out the funniest t-shirts in the world, BustedTees has been working on some shirts that are not only fun to wear but also benefit the world. We are proud to announce a partnership with CareForKenya.org, an organization that provides micro financing, education, and sustainability for small businesses in Kenya.

To help CareForKenya raise funds, we’ve designed and are selling two shirts on their behalf, with all profits from shirt sales going directly to CareForKenya. Check out more about how CareForKenya is already helping the one of the fastest growing urban areas in the world at their site.

Acacia tree shirtSustainability shirt

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    As an applicant to work with both CareForKenya’s & Busted Tee’s parent organizations, this is really awesome news.
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