Stick Stickly!

Is this shirt the address of the best stick on TV or the lyrics to the greatest damn song in the entire world? 

Answer: Both! 
At a time when sticks were limited to TV roles of popsicle and ice cream bar holders, Stick Stickly broke the mold by becoming the highest paid TV host in history (not counting actual history), hosting Nick in the Afternoon. Being voted sexiest stick alive every year since 1995, it’s no surprise he has the biggest fan club of any stick. He is the man, the legend, the stick: Mr. Stick Stickly.”
Original idea by @StephStreisand
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    I have been singing this address for nearly twenty years and now I get to sing it again for all my confused coworkers...
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    Yeah! Just try to read the address without singing it in your head.
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