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Where would you rather vacation, Hoth or Endor? Both tees available for just $10 each, but hurry, they’re only available for 24 hours!

Revisit the classic kid’s book about how to get to sleep after you realize that your planet is being targeted by the first space station powerful enough to destroy everything you’ve ever known. Relax as you realize that EVERYTHING in your house isn’t the moon, and soon, it won’t be anything at all.

That’s No Moon, available now!

USS Millennium Enterprise!

Captain’s Log Stardate: A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away 

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Echo Base Search & Rescue. Saving the day in a galaxy far, far away. $14 this week with coupon FOURTEENSHMOURTEEN!

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Happy New Year everyone! New year means brand new tees!!

Inspired by American Horror Story, Parks and Rec, Drake, Thor, Game Genie, and Star Wars!

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Check out our Holiday Shirts! All tees are $14 this week with code 14tees!

Check out our Holiday Shirts! All tees are $14 this week with code 14tees!

We just got in SO much new, fun, awesome, cool stuff!! Here are my personal favorites. Scary Ski MaskGo Fuck Yourself Cross Stitch Kit. R2D2 Bottle Opener. Tupac Mask. Tetris Light. Pizza String LightsCatapult Pen. Dalek Ornament. Check out the rest here!

We have a bunch of new Star Wars, Superhero, and Dr Who stuff! 

Squeeze the overstuffed Tardis and hear “Tardisy” noises!

The 11th Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver includes light and sound effects!

Classic Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber! Lights up!

The Caped Crusader comes with a USB/MP3 cable so he can not only fight crime, but silence as well!

Allow Superman to protect your Nook, Kindle, and iPad!

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We are officially in the month of Halloween. Happy October everyone! Basically, nothing excites me more than a tiny puppy. But a tiny puppy in a costume… it’s just too much! Lucky for you (and me) we sell dog costumes now! You can choose from Batman, Superman, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader. Special thanks to Penny Lane for her amazing model skills! 


How to turn your hijab into Princess Lea hair buns. 


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