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We have a bunch of new Star Wars, Superhero, and Dr Who stuff! 

Squeeze the overstuffed Tardis and hear “Tardisy” noises!

The 11th Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver includes light and sound effects!

Classic Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber! Lights up!

The Caped Crusader comes with a USB/MP3 cable so he can not only fight crime, but silence as well!

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We are officially in the month of Halloween. Happy October everyone! Basically, nothing excites me more than a tiny puppy. But a tiny puppy in a costume… it’s just too much! Lucky for you (and me) we sell dog costumes now! You can choose from Batman, Superman, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader. Special thanks to Penny Lane for her amazing model skills! 


Adam’s puppy came into work today and then I did this.

A tiny pup came to the office for a photo shoot today and Ben made her into a poster! 

No New Friends: Protecting the world from all evil, but most times just Chris Brown. 

"I’ve pretty much been obsessed with Drake since that Lykke Li remix. His newest phrase “No New Friends”, after “Started from the Bottom” and “YOLO” which are gems in their own right, really hit a nerve. I think it really speaks to old friends and loyalty and the way a lot of us see our social lives, plus I suck at making new friends so there’s that. Was searching for a way to get it on a tee and the Super Friends seemed like the perfect group to use (didn’t want David Schwimmer anywhere near this thing). Getting to stick a little Drake in there was a nice bonus, especially since he replaced Aquaman, nobody likes Aquaman.” Original idea by our very own production manager Jerzy! Check out the music video!



Cars We Love: Photograpy by Cihan Ünalan

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8 bit sunglasses, Batman Ice Cube Tray, Pool Party Pong, Bum Bag Beer Koozie, Mason Jar Shot Glasses, iPhone fan!

Classic Cars - From wheels to reels. 

Classic Cars - From wheels to reels. 

The Lion King Rises: 100% the best thing I’ve seen all morning


Superhero Birthday Party of the Day: In which Mom accidentally books the Dark Knight trilogy Batman for her kid’s backyard birthday party.
Best. Birthday party. Ever.

[thanks, dan!]

Personally I’d be into this.

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oh god help

because deaaaaaaaaad!



oh god help

because deaaaaaaaaad!