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Bender Chest: Further Proof that true beauty is on the inside.

RIP Futurama, we will miss you. BUT could the Futurama characters be appearing on another one of our beloved shows?!?! Check out this article for more info!

Our Top 10 Futurama Episodes

In honor of the end of our beloved Futurama, we’ve made a list of our favorite episodes ever. Most of them are from the older seasons because, well, they’re very close to our hearts. 

10) I, Roommate

This episode comes early on in season 1 and is a great introduction to most of the characters. After an exhaustive apartment search, Fry moves into Bender’s “closet”:


I, Roommate showed us the beginning of the universe’s greatest friendship, that of Bender and Fry! It’s weird to see their apartment before it’s full of couches, beer cans, and other friends.

9) How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back

Hermes was never a huge character, but this episode secured him a spot in Futurama’s legacy forever. His limboing is dangerously beautiful.


We also get to see a lot of his son, who’s a great side character. You go, Hermes Conrad!

8) The Problem with Popplers

This episode not only made us hungry, it also introduced us to Nibbler!


It’s impossible not to love him, especially when he speaks in his “real” voice. Every time I see this episode I wonder what a poppler would taste like in real life. I’m not sure there’s a human equivalent to the deliciousness I’m imagining. 

7) Time Keeps On Slippin’

In a very special guest-starring episode, the Harlem Globetrotters visit to help figure out mysterious time skips. These skips keep getting longer and longer, and more confusing.


Turns out the Harlem Globetrotters are amazing at physics. We’re suckers for a good guest-star-centric episode. 

6) A Bicyclops Built for Two

Leela meets whom she believes to be the only other living Cyclops, Alcazar, and decides to marry him and return to his home planet. It turns out he’s not such a perfect guy.


Their relationship starts to quickly dissolve, and we get to see Alcazar in several interesting forms. We also get some amazing Married with Children references in this episode!

5) Amazon Women in the Mood

Beautiful, enormous women kidnap the men and condemn them to death by Snu Snu! Torn between a fear of death and the joy of having giant beautiful women Snu-Snu them, the men of the crew are in quite a pickle.


The setting of this episode is awesome. Plus, the men’s expressions changing from excitement to terror alone makes this episode one of our top 5. 

4) Jurassic Bark

Ok, I can’t even really talk about this episode, just like anyone else who’s ever seen it. It’s just TOO SAD.


Just… goddamnit. 

3) Leela’s Homeworld

We finally learn where Leela’s really from. Bonus points for heartwarming, not heartbreaking, tearjerker at the end. Futurama has the ability to use just the right music for some scenes, and the final one of this episode just nails it. 


The mutant community is great to check out one-by-one also. You can tell this was probably a fun episode to animate!

2) The Luck of the Fryrish

This episode is partially a flashback to Fry’s youth back in the 70’s on Earth. A lot of heartwarming tearjerkers in this episode as well, mostly because of Fry’s relationship with his brother and his lucky 7-leafed clover. 


This episode is one of our favorites because of the revelation at the end that Fry’s brother loved him more than he ever realized, and that he commemorated Fry by naming his son after him. Tears. Everywhere.

1) Three  Hundred Big Boys

The climax of this episode is one of our favorite moments in television history. After receiving a $300 tax rebate each crew member spends it in their own way, and Fry decides to get 300 cups of coffee (by the way, here’s hoping that coffee will still cost $1 in a thousand years).


After the 300th cup he enters into a zen-like state where he can maneuver effortlessly through time while the rest of the world is frozen around him. He uses his new temporary power to save his friends from a burning (courtesy of Bender) building. It’s awe-inspiring, and one of Futurama’s most brilliant scenes of all time.

We love you, Futurama! And just like Seymour, we’ll wait for you. 

Bender Vs. Dalek - May the best robot still not feel love. Click here to save 20%!

Bender Vs. Dalek - May the best robot still not feel love. Click here to save 20%!

Perfect for gloating in front of State Generals.

Perfect for gloating in front of State Generals.