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BustedTees Model Interview: Lauren


BT: What is your favorite BustedTee shirt and why?
Lauren: This is a tough one, considering a new shirt seems to go up on the site every 12 minutes.  I feel drawn to the shirts that make reference to pop cultural things that were popular when I was younger, e.g.:  “The Beets Killer Tofu Tour" and "Camp Anawanna”.  Nostalgia is a huge marketing tool, good work, guys.  I also really like the gritty looking “Wash Me” tee.  BTs are great, because there is literally a shirt for every person that has ever had a stance on anything.  There’s a “Save the Narwhals” shirt right next to the one that commands you to “Nuke the Whales”.

BT: Do you ever get recognized as a BustedTees model girl?

Lauren: I have, actually, usually through some sort of online network.  It’s mostly friends and family that contact me saying, “Hey, I saw your face on the IMDb homepage or The New York Times arts section, what’s that about?”

BT: Have you ever been creepily contacted by a fan?
Lauren: Does my creepy uncle who saw me in the arts section of The Times not count?  Since doing a lot of work with BTs and College Humor, I’ve had a few more friend requests in my Facebook inbox than usual, that’s for sure.

BT: What else do you do besides model shirts for BustedTees?
Lauren: Coin colloquialisms, drink Dewar’s, make magic.

BT: What kind of tattoos and piecing do you have?

Lauren: Throughout the years I’ve had my nose, lobes, cartilage (ow), belly, and septum pierced.  I have a small star tattoo on my inner ankle and a wishbone on the inside of my right wrist.

BT: What is your favorite band?
Lauren:  Ah, an impossible inquiry..  I’ll just give you the ones that will never change:  The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, The Clash, Radiohead, Bob Dylan, The Kinks.

BT: What is you most played song on your itunes?
Lauren: Right now: Grizzly Bear- “While You Wait for the Others”, Bat For Lashes- “Siren Song”, Tom Waits- “Long Way Home”, Superchunk- “Florida’s on Fire”, Phoenix- “Rome”

BT: What is your favorite television show?

Lauren: I am loving True Blood right now.  Which reminds me, can I get one of those Bon Temps Football T-shirts?