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House of Cards may have begun with Francis Underwood’s ruthless maneuvering to be appointed Secretary of State, but I think we all know that this character won’t be satisfied until he holds literally the most powerful position in the free world. And who better to serve as his running mate than his equally ambitious wife Claire? An Underwood/Underwood ticket would finally bring this great country under the leadership of its most devoted, not to mention deeply terrifying, power couple.

Underwood Underwood 2016 idea by College Humor’s Hallie Cantor!

We’re celebrating 10 YEARS of BustedTees!!!!! Here are some of our greatest hits, as well as some embarrassing photos of our dear leader and founder Josh. Thank you all for making BT what it is today and let’s PARTY!!!!!!!

Pride Rock! Original idea by @JeffRubinShowHere’s what The Lion King would look like IRL, except the lions aren’t eating the monkey.” The only thing missing from this shirt is JTT.

Brand new Metroid shirt based on original .gif by College Humor illustrator Caldwell Tanner

I was inspired to draw a Sad Metroid after seeing the Busted Tee’s great Bummerman shirt. There’s something delightfully melancholic about giving emotions to blank-slated characters. It’s kind of like watching a clown cry, except in this case the clown is a life-sucking videogame alien parasite, but you get the idea. Also, I’m a big fan of the Metroid series, and always felt it never got enough love, which is another thing this Metroid is sad about. He’s very complex.” — @caldy