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Any true comedy fan/nerd knows this classic exchange from This Is Spinal Tap by heart: “You see, most Dr. Who’s, you know, will have eleven doctors. You’re on eleven here, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, you’ve got Matt Smith in your TARDIS. Where can you go from there? Where? If we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do?” “Put it up to twelve.” “Twelve. Exactly. One timey-wimeyer.”

This One Goes to 12 original idea by College Humor’s Hallie Cantor!

House of Cards may have begun with Francis Underwood’s ruthless maneuvering to be appointed Secretary of State, but I think we all know that this character won’t be satisfied until he holds literally the most powerful position in the free world. And who better to serve as his running mate than his equally ambitious wife Claire? An Underwood/Underwood ticket would finally bring this great country under the leadership of its most devoted, not to mention deeply terrifying, power couple.

Underwood Underwood 2016 idea by College Humor’s Hallie Cantor!

"Get ready to blast into meowterspace! For all you kitty lovers, it’s time to trip spaceballs on some serious catnip. I mean, this is the internet, right! So what better place to create what we’ve all been thinking: cats in space. I don’t know about you guys, but as an avid surfer of the web I spend a lot of time thinking about the big questions, like where can I buy awesome shirts without having to leave my home and, more importantly, where can I buy a shirt that expresses who I am on the inside as a lover of both cats and space? I saw an opportunity and seized it like a kitten and a ball of yarn. Now you can get your paws in on it, too!" Original idea by College Humor’s Hannah Grant! Buy Catsronauts now!


Animal Hybrids That Would Break the Internet if They Existed 

I want a slotter.

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Precious Plum is coming back! 10 NEW EPISODES starting next Thursday, October 10th. We’ll be posting some outtakes to hold you over till then.

Check out the first 3 episodes on YouTube

VERY excited for more episodes of Precious Plum!

"The ladies of Nintendo games have always gotten the short end of the joystick, even though (as you can see from this Collegehumor video), they have thoughts and feelings too! So I thought it was high time they joined forces with another sassy group of gals, the Real Housewives. I can only imagine how many glasses of potion they’d throw in their frenemies’ faces when they show up to a party wearing the same armored suit.” The Real Housewives of Nintendo, original idea by CH’s Hallie Cantor

"If Charles Darwin had been around for Pokemon, he would have flipped his shinx over Eevee. They’re like Galapagos finches, except instead of having big dumb beaks or relying on tools they use MAGIC STONES evolve into a virtual PANOPLY of Elemental Warriors. As such we decided to celebrate Eevee’s infinite potential with this awesome shirt inspired by Darwin’s original journal sketches. Also there’s a fairy one now, which is rad." Idea by College Humor Illustrator Caldwell TannerCheck out Eeveelution Chart and ALL our Pokemon designs!




"The Subway Bragger"

This may be my favorite CH video of the year. The actor (Carl Foreman Jr) completely nails the tone and speech pattern of a subway panhandler. 

If you’ve ever ridden a subway or bus and awkwardly put your head down when somebody gets up and starts addressing the entire car, this video is for you.

Really proud of this video! One of my favorite things I’ve written. Carl Foreman Jr really knocked it out of the park with his performance.

So good. 

Feel-good prank of the day!

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OK Go-Pid CollegeHumor

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The Invitation to the First Thanksgiving [Click to continue reading]
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CollegeHumor went to Guy Fieri’s Times Square Restaurant

We had to ask for crayons.

I am proud to say that I have now tried at least a quarter of this menu. 


Update: BUTTS.
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Speaking of….


Update: BUTTS.

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Speaking of….

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Very Mary Kate: Jewish Looking Girl

She’s a rock star of David

Ummm is the sky purple right now?

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