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Shiva BowlSometimes fantasy is more important than reality… 
SHIVAKAMINI SOMAKANDARKRAM! The League is one of my favorite shows on TV and actually inspired my friends and I to try our own Fantasy Football league this year. This show will make people like me (who know nothing about sports) want to get into Football. Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer are amazing comedians and Andre Nowzick is probably the best, most enjoyably cringeworthy character on tv at the moment. Start your own Shivabowl! It’s not too late in the season! Actually I’m not sure about that, I don’t really get sports.” Original idea by robinmbrowne!

Sports fans, we’ve got some awesome new Loyalist tees out today! 

The Fun Bunch: The Wide Receivers for the Washington Redskins in the 80’s pioneered the group high five after touchdowns, inspiring future group high fives such as Saved by the Bell and Degrassi Jr High.

The Black Hole: The most intimidating region of spacetime and football in the known universe. 

Mile High5280 feet above sea level to be exact and that’s before smoking any of that medical grade marijuana they have in Colorado.  

Big Blue Wrecking Crew: Forget the Bears. Big Blue Wrecking Crew lead by the original LT was the greatest defense of ALL time. 


Get ‘em while they’re hot!