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So much truth.

First it’s pot o’ gold, then what? Leprechaun-human marriage?

Legalize pot o’ gold for everyone!

Colorado is home to pristine snowcapped mountains, beautiful spring-fed rivers, vast expanses of natures magnificence, and the headiest stanky-danky’s in the world. We’re talkin’ about that herb, reefer, cheeba, indo, skunk, chronic, buddah, and at the epicenter of Colorado’s green-rush is Denver, the mile-high city. While dank nuggets are nothing new to Colorado, we pay tribute to the marijuana legalization movement in Colorado with this shirt. Give thanks for Danker Nuggets! Jah bless. 


Legalize it: The pipe comes pre-packed! Original idea by Ross Taylor. “Decriminalize Piranha Plants! These carnivorous fellows are found exclusively in pipes, so if you get high enough everything will be fine.”