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When looking into the chronicles of American history, few people are as emblematic of the American Dream as Kel Mitchell, co-star of Kenan & Kel. How you ask? It’s simple: Kel understands true happiness, and in Orange Soda, he has found happiness. With such emphatic passion for the unnaturally colored carbonated beverage, we felt that it was time Kel got his own brand of Orange Soda. Introducing ‘Kel’s Orange Soda.’ Who loves Orange Soda?! Kel loves Orange soda!!!

Original idea by our very awesome intern Matthew Mead!

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ZERO THANKS GIVEN to this pissed turkey.

Tommy was born on the wrong side of the coop. He was farm-raised on Black Flag and The Clash, and he doesn’t give a cluck about “traditions” or “cranberry sauce”. Mad at the world, the only rebellion this bird can muster is to flip the bird. Flock the establishment. Turkey pun. Original idea by @jwolftweets




Adventure Time Snail! Original idea by @chrisprincipe Are you watching Adventure Time yet? You should be, if only because it’s the MOST IMPORTANT SHOW ON TELEVISION RIGHT NOW. Seriously. It’ll teach you how to live if you let it. And this little snail guy’s hidden in every single episode. So that’s pretty math.”


What Would Jean Claude Van Damme Do?

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Olive Garden Champion! Original idea by our tiny designer Ryan!

That unmistakable oven-fresh taste.  The warm, buttery glaze accented with authentic Italian sea salt.  Thousands of years of fine Italian tradition––all in one simple loaf.  You never forgot your first breadstick, back in the early, blurry days when you still had a family.  All those years of tears, of regret and pain, of horror and loathing, melt away after that familiar succulent foray into this crunchy toast of the gods.  Because when you were there, you were whole.  You were happy. You were Family.

The Olive Garden.”

Do you guys hate your family? and the holidays? If your answer is YES, we have the perfect disguise for you! Show up, wag your tail, and ask for tasty treats. No one can be mean to an adorable pug! Check out our brand new PUG MASK and other fun stuff here!!

"Get ready to blast into meowterspace! For all you kitty lovers, it’s time to trip spaceballs on some serious catnip. I mean, this is the internet, right! So what better place to create what we’ve all been thinking: cats in space. I don’t know about you guys, but as an avid surfer of the web I spend a lot of time thinking about the big questions, like where can I buy awesome shirts without having to leave my home and, more importantly, where can I buy a shirt that expresses who I am on the inside as a lover of both cats and space? I saw an opportunity and seized it like a kitten and a ball of yarn. Now you can get your paws in on it, too!" Original idea by College Humor’s Hannah Grant! Buy Catsronauts now!

"Rum Ham, I miss you! You’re the most delicious invention ever known to man, and probably the smartest one, too. I just wish I could see your beautiful meat-face one last time, but alas, you floated away from me leaving only greasy ham-smell behind. You served us well, Rum Ham. I’ll never forget you." Original idea by @robinmbrowne! Check out RUM HAM here! And watch the hilarious clip!


Animal Hybrids That Would Break the Internet if They Existed 

I want a slotter.

(via rachelliez)

French Canadian: They’re called Mounties for a reason!

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There’s no “I” in “Twerk”!

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Don’t hate y’all, she’s still your girl.

You guys! Imagine the CLAWSibilities!

You guys! Imagine the CLAWSibilities!