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ZERO THANKS GIVEN to this pissed turkey.

Tommy was born on the wrong side of the coop. He was farm-raised on Black Flag and The Clash, and he doesn’t give a cluck about “traditions” or “cranberry sauce”. Mad at the world, the only rebellion this bird can muster is to flip the bird. Flock the establishment. Turkey pun. Original idea by @jwolftweets




"Get ready to blast into meowterspace! For all you kitty lovers, it’s time to trip spaceballs on some serious catnip. I mean, this is the internet, right! So what better place to create what we’ve all been thinking: cats in space. I don’t know about you guys, but as an avid surfer of the web I spend a lot of time thinking about the big questions, like where can I buy awesome shirts without having to leave my home and, more importantly, where can I buy a shirt that expresses who I am on the inside as a lover of both cats and space? I saw an opportunity and seized it like a kitten and a ball of yarn. Now you can get your paws in on it, too!" Original idea by College Humor’s Hannah Grant! Buy Catsronauts now!

Legalize it: The pipe comes pre-packed! Original idea by Ross Taylor. “Decriminalize Piranha Plants! These carnivorous fellows are found exclusively in pipes, so if you get high enough everything will be fine.”

French Canadian: They’re called Mounties for a reason!

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