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Here’s the story

Of a next door neighbor

Who was dropping in to their favorite family’s world
All of them young or old, had their reasons, even Steve Ur-kel
(I don’t know, should I keep going?)
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TelAmeriCorp! The freshest office in Rancho Cucamonga… Must be tight butthole to apply.

Dalek Exterminators: Exterminating unwanted pests since 1963!

Check out more awesome designs by Tom Trager Tees!

"Rum Ham, I miss you! You’re the most delicious invention ever known to man, and probably the smartest one, too. I just wish I could see your beautiful meat-face one last time, but alas, you floated away from me leaving only greasy ham-smell behind. You served us well, Rum Ham. I’ll never forget you." Original idea by @robinmbrowne! Check out RUM HAM here! And watch the hilarious clip!

All My Circuits! Original idea by Michael Levine: “My favorite show within my favorite show (Futurama), All My Circuits is a soap opera starring legendary robot actor Calculon as “Calculon.” Multiple personalities, constantly interrupted weddings, robo-banditos, and permanent comas are all elements of its hot mess of a plot. Futurama may have run its course, but its universe lives on thanks to this shirt. You’re welcome.” @bizmichael

"I’m excited as anyone else can be for the new Reboot reboot. The main appeal of the show was “we made this thing with computers” which was the most revolutionary, mind exploding thing possible. The imagery was all over the place, since they had to work with designs that they could actually create with the technology at the time, cubes, orbs, lumps and robots all interacting with blue-skinned mannequin avatars. The other thing is just how DARK the show became, there were wars, mutilation, death and spiritual rebirth, all the while a new game would drop down and now they have to be ninjas. Basically, it felt like they just gave IT department some bad acid and told them to make a cartoon. Looking back on it, it was probably the most surreal saturday morning cartoon ever made. I can’t wait to binge watch it online at 3am.” Original idea by @bestjakeyoung

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If you haven’t watched Orange Is The New Black yet, you should probably stop whatever you are doing and start now! You will be finished by the end of the weekend, I promise. If you are finished, and suffering from withdrawal like i am… check out Buzzfeed’s 23 Surprising Facts about the show! Red would definitely support this shirt

Charlie Logic:
5x02 The Gang Hits the Road

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