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Donkey Kong Country: "Every now and then when your life gets complicated and the goombas start closing in, the only cure is to load up on fire flowers and then kart like a bastard from The Mushroom Kingdom to Rainbow Road … with the music at top volume and at least a dozen 1-ups."


Mario got a little too into those mushrooms. TURN UP!

All Tetris Everything!!

Shit Happens

Tetris Magnets

Don’t Mess with Tetris

Tetris Light

Tetris Cookie Cutters

Tetris Heat Mug

We require more Vespene Gas!

If you’ve ever chased down a 1UP mushroom in Super Mario Bros. you know the struggle. Koopas and coins become irrelevant. You’re About That Life.

Original idea by Randy Mckay!

Onett Little League! Root for the home team! PK Play Ball!

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Bubble.  Air.  Quick.  Heat.  Wood.  Metal.  Flash.  Crash.
If you had an NES in the early 90s, this wasn’t just a list of physical traits and metaphysical abstractions.  This was a rogues gallery equal to Bowser, the Joker, and Mrs. Cragstone from 3rd period English.  This was Mega Man 2.
More than a bunch of levels to be dispatched in order, Mega Man’s robot nemeses were a puzzle.  An 8-bit rubik’s cube waiting for you every day after school.  Which level would you try first?  Bubble Man, to make Heat Man easier?  Or Flash Man to breeze through Quick Man’s stage?  We’d try for hours to crack the code, to get to Wily’s Castle, and to save Dr. Light and the world.
And then we’d stop because it was time for dinner and then we’d forget to write down the password so we had to do it all over again tomorrow.
Mega Man by BT developer Joe Burns!
When there’s something strange in your poke-forest, who you gonna call? Pokebusters!
Seriously though, are these ghosts of other pokemon, or people ghosts, or what? I don’t have any answers. I just know that there are ghosts in the world of pokemon, and they need bustin’.
Original idea by @patbaer

Half-Life Head Crab Tattoo
Resist the urge to smash this guy’s arm with a crowbar.


Half-Life Head Crab Tattoo

Resist the urge to smash this guy’s arm with a crowbar.

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